Rejoice! Jewelry is created for adults and teens and is not recommended for children under age 14.  Some beads such as metallic and Swarovski crystal contain lead. Although Swarovski claims the lead in their crystals is not” easily released”, it is better to be safe.  Rejoice! Jewelry only uses metallic beads labeled “lead free” or “lead compliant.”   There have been rare occasions where beads may have been mislabeled.  Also, the content of vintage buttons and beads are unknown. Lead can be toxic if ingested. Please do not let young children play with Rejoice! Jewelry.  Especially guard against them placing any beads in their mouths. Please keep jewelry away from pets.

If you have allergies, Rejoice Jewelry does not recommend you purchase jewelry with any vintage material or non-sterling silver chains.  Since Rejoice! Jewelry lists the materials used, we are not responsible for any allergic reactions or discomfort from the jewelry. Nor are we responsible for the consequences of misuse of jewelry.

Avoid getting jewelry wet (bathing, swimming) and do not wear jewelry when sleeping or when operating machinery.

By purchasing a Rejoice! Jewelry product a customer agrees to handle merchandise responsibly and not allow anyone under age 13 to handle Rejoice! Jewelry.

Thank you!